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December 25, 2018 - A XMas crash for stocks but Gold & Silver are up...exactly as forecasted!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market indexes (PF-charts & short candles), 
Recession Proof shares (COMPQ-PF & short candle), Silver

We even defined the levels of the 1st bearish stop for most Stock Markets....see section for World Stock Market Indexes and the end of the RED ARROW

December 24 , 2018 - Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year -

Updated Sections: World Stock Market indexes (PF-charts), Recession Proof shares (COMPQ-PF), 
$-Gold, Agriculturals,
Coal-Solar & Rare elements, Copper-Platinum & Non-Ferro's,
Inflation index, Bonds USA, Stock Market Indexes in Real Money (Gold), $-Gold ,

Would you still not believe it when it comes out of the mouth of the horse: Putin affirms Socialism, the welfare state doesn't work and kills society. Putin like many Russians know damn well what they are speaking off. Apparently, in other parts of the World, people still need to learn this.

Ayn Rand yellow jackets

The Yellow Jackets have no political leaders! - This is how revolutions are made...In Welfare state Europe, the standard of living has been going down for the last 30 years - especially in Italy and France - . Both French and Italians have their nose full of the "Welfare State". French and Italian Politicians find themselves in a straight jacket as they are unable to devaluate the local Euro (read Lira, French Franc) to bring some relief. Therefore is mathematically sure that this story will see a BITTER end soon (2 ½ years). The People are fed-up with the lousy politicians...and they are hungry. Politicians tell us to eat Cake because there is no bread and to eat Rabbit because the meat has become too expensive!? Riots we also have in SOUDAN where the tax on bread has again been raised...a deja vue!?

Important Fundamentals:

  • This is the only way for Politicians to stay in power. During Revolutions, Civil Wars, War...everybody with money and savings is GAME and during these times the Authorities traditionally take away the savings of those with money & savings to calm down the hungry lower classes. During the Russian Revolution REAL ESTATE and LAND was seized, taken away and redistributed to the lower classes...(exactly what happens today in South Africa)
  • Alea Iacta es...as EU-member states slide into depression, their people revolt (i.g. France) and the countries become insolvent because they cannot longer adjust their economy by devaluing their currency (all EU-members are locked into this EURO straight jacket), Germany will ALSO go bankrupt. This because the BILLIONS German have lend to the EU-member states can NEVER be repaid....The Petty Government Officials were so stupid that they in fact locked in the DEAD of the EU-zone in its Birth Certificate. You have to be a (Socialist) CIVIL SERVANT and/or POLITICIAN to be so damn stupid.
  • No doubt in our mind that we soon shall see a WINDFALL PROFIT TAX on Gold & Silver. Only those who are keeping their metals out of political reach will be safe...all others will be TAXED!

germany finances 2018 12 21Important Technicals:

  • Interest rates & Bonds are running into strong RESISTANCE levels! Technically speaking, it will need a LOT of ENERGY to push interest rates up their resistance levels and bonds down their support levels.
  • So as Agriculturals go, so goes Gold.
  • Wall Street is now technically in a full blown bear market...
  • Don't forget that what is happening between today and Jan 1st 2019 will MARK 2019!. This is the reason why this year end The Goldonomic Team doesn't go out fishing.

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Friday December 21, 2018 - Stock market crash expressed in Gold is happening NOW

Updated Sections: World Stock Market indexes (PF-charts), 

Screen Shot 2018 12 20 at 3.29.58 PMONLY GOLD IS MONEY. The Stock market crash expressed in Gold is starting NOW.   “Money is gold and nothing else”. Again this time, the only real money that will survive is gold. The Greek philosopher Aristotle who was Plato’s student defined what sound money must be:

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Divisible
  • Intrinsically valuable

Only physical gold fulfills all these criteria and this is why gold is the only surviving currency in history. Physical gold is today confused with paper gold. The gold price is today determined by a false paper market which is likely to fail in the next few years. At that point we will know the real price of gold.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The World economy is sliding into more recession before our eyes and at the same time , purchasing power continues to fall. At the same time authorities pretend the recovery sits around the corner....same old lies.
  • Each time the Fed & Central Banks raise rates, the value of the government bonds that they had purchased is falling. This seems insane, right? By raising rates, the Fed is creating massive losses for itself. As the Fed & Central Banks continues raising interest rates, they will eventually engineer their insolvency. Only Central Bankers and Politicians are so stupid to do this!!
  • The Brussels elite is certainly doing a superb job in destroying Europe both economically and socially. They will clearly cause the fall of the Rome Empire. Not that Italy is much of an empire these days. But just like all empires collapse under its own debt, so will Italy.

Important Technicals:

  •  I told you so...and this top has been maturing for months...Stocks down and Gold & Silver up. Exactly as I told you would happen. There will not be much left for those who in 2018 have been wasting their time on Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Bonds, Shares...instead of buying Gold & Silver.

we told you

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