September 2021


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Monday/Tuesday, September 27-28, 2021, Intelligent Investors "THINK and block all emotions" and are "patient"!

Updated Sections: Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares ,


Australia is back to what it originally was: a PENITENTIARY.  And YES, psychopaths are taking away our freedoms, and YES the BRAINLESS HERD (the majority) is falling for the Tyranny. If you are one of those driving alone in your car with a mask on your face, you are showing to everybody that you are a RETARD and you should be ashamed of yourself.  Same for those walking on the beach or hiking in nature.

If people do not start to revolt (forget the unuseful peaceful protests) and hit where it hurts the Authorities most, it will get a lot worse before it gets any better. If people do not start to revolt, they will end as 100% SLAVES of the LOUIS XVI of the 21st Century.

"Today’s World “Is Like Animal Farm”!


Intelligent Investors "THINK, block emotions" and are "patient". Investing is the end result of a REASONING thinking process. The better one is at this, the sooner one will assume the right investment position. By definition, the CORRECT position won't be recognized nor assumed by the HERD. The Herd is always late and it is the HERD who ensures your investments fructify.  It is because of the HERD that the price of Real Estates reaches crazy levels, it is because of the action of the HERD that we have BUY and SELL CLIMAXES on the Stock and Bond markets. [note: the HERD is 90% of the investors. I will NEVER understand WHY most people invest their savings in an absolutely illogical way. ]

The Covid NARRATIVE is breaking down and what most don't realize, is that what is coming after COVID will be a lot worse than COVID itself.  COVID is the prelude to the Hyperinflationary Depression. In general, investors are disorientated by the COVID happening and are not doing the right thing to preserve their purchasing power and savings. The diversion works and nobody notes the EXPONENTIAL increase in both Money supply and DEBT. Nobody really notes the price inflation that is affecting all of us. Nobody notes the ongoing WAR there is between the WEST and CHINA and the fact that the Western production system is already breaking down because of failing Chinese parts. Even worse is that at this time the Chinese economy is also breaking down...

Are world leaders ignoring an impending global financial crisis? China's Evergrande crisis has rattled global markets. While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned the US could default on its debt obligations. 30% of the Chinese GDP comes from property development and that's over now... In the short term, it will affect Singapore, HongKong and roll over to Europe and next to the USA. One can compare it to the spread of Covid...only it will take more time.

Because of the problems around "Evergrande", the CCP-bonds are crashing and therefore they will have to revalue Gold (and Silver).  This may happen no later than 3 months from now. As a consequence, the Petro-Dollar and hence the Dollar will crash and the U.S.A. will also be happy to revalue Gold.

As of next month, more problems will become visible and the economic & financial system will start to BREAK DOWN: a shortage of chips (in Belgium D'Ieteren had to stop operating because of a shortage of chips), understaffed corporations, problems with airplanes, problems with trucking' busses, boats, electricity grid breakdowns,...


Today's CASH is Gold and/or Silver. 

 Today's CASH = Gold & SILVER. To be invested during times of Hyperinflationary Depression is suicide.  It was my sitting tight that made the big money for me. But these are extraordinary times. And today it is HARD to be right on the markets. Especially because of all the BUBBLES, Lies, Propaganda, and Central Bank manipulations. 
Money Supply LT 2021 09 23 politicians full of shit
Exponential Money Supply results in exponential rising prices for goods & services. Politicians are so full of shit that it takes one day to clean one.

Authorities and Governments don't like competition. China's top regulators ban crypto trading and mining, sending bitcoin tumbling. China's most powerful regulators on Friday intensified a crackdown on crypto dollaracryptocurrencies with a blanket ban on all crypto transactions and mining, hitting bitcoin and other major coins and pressuring crypto and blockchain-related stocks. Ten agencies, including the central bank, financial, securities, and foreign exchange regulators, vowed to work together to root out "illegal" cryptocurrency activity, the first time the Beijing-based regulators have joined forces to explicitly ban all cryptocurrency-related activity.

 Not so long ago, Bitcoin also suffered and its price crashed after El Salvador promoted cryptocurrency as a legal means of payment in the country.

China's Central Bank said all cryptocurrency transactions are illegal. Cryptos, including Bitcoin, are not fiat currency and cannot be circulated on the market, the People’s Bank of China said on its website, adding it will ban financial institutions, payment companies, and internet platforms from facilitating crypto trading.

 "Cryptocurrencies are the TULIP MANIA of the 21st Century and those who keep playing the game will end losing it all."

Important Fundamentals:

  • The UK Sees a Nuclear Way Forward. The government of Great Britain initiated nuclear talks with US nuclear firm Westinghouse to build a new atomic plant in Wylfa, Northern Wales on the back of the ongoing energy crunch, reviving an erstwhile Hitachi project that ran aground last year.  It will be nuclear energy or candles.small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • Sometimes one must sit TIGHT and be PATIENT!...especially when Governments are lying through their teeth...like they are now!  The more they LIE and the more they RIG the markets, the bigger the REWARD.
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept YOU'VE GOT IT RIGHT...PATIENCE!
small lock sept <--Technically speaking, BITCOIN sits in a BEAR TREND: we had a STOP followed by a BACKTEST.

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Friday, September 24, 2021, Gold is the ultimate backstop. When all else fails, gold is money.

Updated Sections: Copper, Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares,

government helpOne can and may NEVER trust Government and the money they put into circulation. Politicians are the SCUM of this Planet. The lowest of the lowest. The Champions of LEGAL THEFT. They always end creating exponential amounts of what they dare to call money, but in fact, is DEBT and a WORTHLESS mean of trade. History learns us that ANY society that starts to use FIAT MONEY (like the U.S.A., Argentina, Venezuela, the USSR,... and Europe since 1971) is DOOMED to fail and to disappear. On average it takes 50 years.  Today, 50 years have gone by and the end is in sight.

Everyone keeping his purchasing power, his fortune, his wealth in FIAT MONEY (paper and digital) AND in assets which are bought with Fiat Money will, over the next couple of years, get as poor as a churchmouse because not only the Fiat Money will get worthless because of the exponential creation which is already happening at this time, but also because the ASSET Bubbles which have been created with this Fiat Money will also implode.

"By definition, only Gold (and Silver) are REAL MONEY. Everything else is a dream. And this includes all Cryptocurrencies."

During times of austerity, depression, high inflation, and hyperinflation, the BEST and SAFEST ways to keep your purchasing power, are GOLD & SILVER.  There simply are no alternates. This is on the condition you are storing these out of political reach. Those who don't will have it taken away (seized) by the Government. Just like happened to the Knight TEMPLARS in the year 1,307. Philippe le Beau (he desperately needed the money to pay his debts) even had them tortured and burned at the stake in order to make them tell where they had hidden their Gold. The Knight Templars were extremely rich bankers of those days.

There are several reasons why Our Debt-Usury Money System cannot survive and is pushing us into a Hyperinflationay depression.

 Gold is the ultimate money without counterparty.  Of course, they cannot print Gold!
Courtesy of M.S. a 16-year-old junior who understands what the Author of Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy is teaching us.

"Eventually, all paper & FIAT money reverts to intrinsic value: zero."

powel money machine We have come to a point where the consequences of the exponential creation of fiat money out of nothing becomes visible to all. Retail prices of goods and services are rising. Main Stream Media journalists call it incorrectly 'inflation'. They should at least call it 'price inflation.

The retail cost of energy is spiking. As we explained in earlier updates, the real cost of electricity in the EUSSR hovers around 35%. Everything else or 65% is taxes. Add to this that the madness of global warming and renewable energy is not only costing a fortune but also results in LESS supply of Electricity and Energy.


Politicians and authorities act like retards and pretend all is well, but they can no longer hide the consequences of their idiot acts. Again, these stupid actions are only possible because of fiat money and fractional reserve banking. We are experiencing the Tulip Bubble Mania & MISSISSIPPI BUBBLE of the 21st Century...The Tulip mania 1936. Today, just like in those days, THE HERD refuses to see what is happening and totally goes for the lie. Only a small group understands what is happening and is taking precautions.

A higher cost of energy and higher transportation costs are a catalyst for much higher retail prices and even more price inflation, or the core value of your savings and real spending power will fall even faster! A price inflation rate of 10% per year, means that the purchasing power of your income or savings falls by 10% annually. In a system of ZERO interest rates, this means that your savings are gone with the wind in less than 10 years. Assuming the inflation rate climbs to 20% annually, your savings and income are wiped out in less than 5 years.  Lower REAL INCOME and less REAL SAVINGS result in LOWER BUBBLE-ASSET PRICES!

"At least 50% of the price of energy (electricity, gas,...) ARE LEGAL THEFT called taxes.!"

Gold is movable wealth, Real Estate is not! Gold is money with the broadest possible base. During a crisis situation, property taxes will rise dramatically. So at least you need to have some Gold to pay these taxes. Therefore, you need to have Gold & Silver first BEFORE real estate or property.

Once we go into the hyperinflationary phase, it is even more important to have Gold & Silver so you can survive...pensions won't be able to buy you food, etc.. Gold has the broadest base of functionality and the broadest base of demand...and HAS NO COUNTERPARTY (that is if you buy physical and store it out of reach of the scumbags)

Important Fundamentals:

  • Powell has ABSOLUTELY no ROOM to halt tapering, nor to raise interest rates!  Prices are not rising by a mere 2/10 of a percent above the Fed's 2% target. They're rising at triple that rate in 2021, and will likely quadruple that rate or more in 2022. This is not the type of inflation families can just shrug off.  If he only raises the prime rate by ONE PERCENT, the whole financial system collapses. That is how low the marginal interest rate has fallen. Today's financial markets (stocks, currencies,...) are moved by the NARRATIVE that such will be done eventually in the future. In 2023, or in 2024. By then, it will already be GAME OVER.
  • The price of magnesium, small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • We have a BEARISH WEDGE and BEARISH Divergences for the xxxxxx. It surely is possible that it will take another 3 months before the US dollar breaks down. Our experience is that we are 90% correct in what we forecast. Timing, however, is extremely hard. If possible at all. Therefore, PATIENCE is very important.
  • We have a maturing BULLISH Head & Shoulders formation for xxxxxx. The bigger the formation, the stronger and the higher Gold will spike up after breakout. Also here, we may have to wait another 2-3 months before we have a breakout.
  • xxxxxx keeps bouncing up a STRONG SUPPORT level. Be advised that the longer this takes, the stronger Silver will spike up after breakout.
small lock sept small lock sept
 The neckline is $ 1,920. The neckline is € 1.580

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Wednesday/Thursday, September 22-23, 2021, Covid-19 is a cover-up for the hyper inflationary depression which has begun

Updated Sections: Uranium Shares,

friend Rutte Decroo

"By 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy and a "Great Reset" will occur after COVID-19"

This Klaus Schwab is a big friend of the following psychopaths: Biden, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Rutte, De Croo, Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Morrison, Merkel,...

Whatever these MORONs pretend (BIS, IMF, FED,.. in the end, the (natural) MARKETS always have the last word. This time won't be different. When the time has come, interest rates will RISE...and Bubble-markets will collapse.

Cryptos will NOT save you. The Governments can and do trace cryptos and these have ZERO INTRINSIC VALUE....and you won't be able to use these to buy food and shelter when things get really ugly anyhow. In This Coming Financial Crisis, Banks will seize your Money (Bail-in) and Everything You Own. Everybody staying in the digital financial system will bleed. Everybody living in financial bubbles will bleed (Real Estate, Art, Oldtimers, Stocks, Bonds,...). Pension Funds will collapse and those who are lucky won't be able to buy a loaf of bread with what the pension fund pays them. People who are ready will go through difficult times and may become rich. All others will become poor.



The Trabant still is the Symbol of State Regulated economies and COMMUNISM.  It was a car manufactured out of "wood & papier-maché" because the DDR had no access to IRON. They're made out of something Trabantcalled Duroplast, a mixture of recycled cotton waste and phenol resin. The car had a top speed of 40 mph (60 km/h). Most of the time one had to wait years before one could take delivery of a Trabant and the Party-members (like Merkel) had priority.  The fact that the Trabant is coming back as an electric car says it all! Simply put, the Trabant is the worst car ever made. If this Cold War relic from what was once East Germany returns, we're breaking out the stakes and garlic. We know just how bad this could be. The Trabant was a real car -- the company that "built" them went belly-up in 1991 -- and it really was that bad.

 "The Trabant is the automobile of the poor, of Communism!"

The bigger 60,000-foot strategic view is that the country is being taken over by a very small minority of people that we call the Left, which is really a group of Marxists and communists who have decided over decades.

The proper role, and only role, of government, is to secure individual rights. The government was not established to take care of every citizen from cradle to grave, give them money, or educate them. It was to ensure that sovereign individuals are able to take their own risks, make their own decisions, and pursue their own happiness without government intrusion.

Important Fundamentals:

  • On April 5, 1933, the price of gold rose 75% in a single day, and people are taking into account that it could happen again now.  In April 1968, after the Bank Holiday (banks had lost billions trying to keep the price of Gold around the official level of $ 34/oz.) the price of Gold spiked to $44 per oz. (+25%) and initiated its uptrend to $850/oz. (+1,830%)
  • It is INCORRECT to pretend that Gold falls when Stocks come down. The 1970s prove that exactly the opposite can occur. (see chart below).
  • The German Producer index soars to 12%. This is tomorrow's Price Inflation!  Note that 12% per month adds up to a lot more on a yearly basis.
  • If you think that a debt level amounting to 355% of GDP won't end in misery, you are not only living in LALA-Land but you are also a RETARD. (see chart below).
  • Because we have a global banking system, The crash will travel around the western world like Covid did, only much faster.
small lock sept small lock sept
small lock sept  

Important Technicals:

  • Stock market indexes are small lock sept
small lock sept small lock sept
  The pullback level will not be reached if FED starts to add more fiat money to the system!
small lock sept  
 A Breakout and Backtest...

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Monday/Tuesday, September 20-21, 2021, Gold and Silver are a steal at these levels!

Updated Sections:Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, US Dollar, Gold-$ , Peak Oil,
Recession Proof Shs (LOCG)(updated yields), Recession Proof - hold (updated yields),
Bio Tech-Pharma (updated yields),

Screen Shot 2021 09 17 at 12.23.36 PMLandlord Homeless After Tenants Stop Paying Rent:  Some people imagine landlords as greedy millionaires milking the working-class for all it’s worth. This ignores the fact that many landlords are solidly middle-class, but through hard work have made investments in rental property to supplement their incomes. That’s the case of Brandie LaCasse, a single mother and Air Force veteran who owns three properties in upstate New York. But over the past year, due to state and federal eviction moratoriums, her tenants have stopped paying rent and refused to move out.

Although the Supreme Court ruled on August 26 that the federal eviction moratorium is illegal, it is unclear where that leaves state-issued moratoriums, or how landlords can go about reclaiming their property rights. Brandie has lost $23,000 as a result of unpaid rent. She is now homeless, living out of her car with her daughter, and staying with friends, as her tenants squat in her property.

"Those who bought real estate on debt and use the rent to pay off the mortgage are in for nasty surprises."

 This reminds me of 1917 in the USSR where the Government decided who and how many families were allowed to live in your house. At that time, people really began to realize what Communism was like.

"By 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy and a "Great Reset" will occur after COVID-19"

In this video, Thierry Baudet perfectly explains why we have this COVID-thing and all the restrictions. His analysis, the puzzle is almost complete. Our professionals add UBO, CRS, Compliance, Fatca, Covid-passport,.. UBO (or everybody has to divulge in which corporations he/she is involved. CRS is the automatic information exchange between Banks located in most countries and Governments. FATCA is the American version of the CRS. As a matter of fact, the CRS was copied from the FATCA. Compliance is the new department of any financial institution where the institution is responsible and has to check and control its own account holders. These are all new means of control and it becomes a hassle to operate normally within the Financial Sector.


It took me some time to admit that THE RESET ( you will own nothing and be happy) is something planned and that several people in the world, politicians, and others, pursue.  Whether or not they will succeed is not sure.  But as the HERD doesn't seem to realize what is happening and people allow them to be directed towards such a RESET, I fear that they may succeed. Hopefully, RESISTANCE will come soon and the process will be stopped. History learns us that 'resistance' only comes when it is too late. Know that this COVID is a COVER-UP for the ongoing FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC DRAMA.

Hear it out of the mouth of the Horse...or a FUNERAL DIRECTOR tells his COVID experience. Watch the SCARY video all the way to the end and hear how RT tried to bribe the man with PS 78,000 to keep him quiet. Also, note the horrible evolution in Israel. One of the countries with the most vaccinated people and where they now are injecting the BOOSTER nationally...click here.


Important Fundamentals:

  • Joe Biden’s Treasury Department has announced Thursday an invasive new initiative tasking the federal government to audit small lock sept
  • High time to get rid of (investment) Real Estate. Buying attitudes for household durables fell again in early September small lock sept

buying conditions worst since 1980

 small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • Gold Falls But Key small lock sept
  • A Break Of 92 Level Would Send small lock sept

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Friday, September 17, 2021, Slow winds boost gas & energy prices: Obsession with green energy bites back!

Updated Sections: Natural Gas & shares, Uranium Shares, Crude Oil price evolution,
Miners & Gold vs SPX, Gold & Silver Juniors, US Dollar, Gold-$ , Peak Oil,
Recession Proof Shs (LOCG), Recession Proof - hold,

Ripley's believe it or not, but THEY even dare to blame SLOW WINDS for the HIGHER ENERGY PRICES. Those guys really take the people for IDIOTS. And you know what?... I think they are right.

WIND TURBINES are a terrible 'bad' joke. Solar Energy is a very expensive joke. Global Warming is NOT caused by humans and for centuries, CO2 has been part of life. Just like ACID Rain and the Hole in the Ozone layer. Just like the FLU virus (Corona) has been part of our lives for centuries. I am sure that Millenniums don't even know what Acid Rain and the Hole in the Ozone layer are. They probably never heard of it.

 Dumb, dumber, dumbest. The Millenniums are uneducated fools.

We discuss and explain in detail the REALITY about Energy in our Subscriber sections. We discuss Peak Oil, Natural Gas, Solar, Uranium, and the scientific flaws of today's SICK WOKE POLITICS. As they say, you can lie about something but you can't lie about the bitter consequences of idiot politics.  And these consequences start to haunt us NOW. Be advised that over the coming months and years, it will get a lot worse!

The videos we publish today about PEAL OIL and SHALE OIL don't leave any doubt about what we must expect. (see below - Important Fundamentals)

China's "Lehman Moment" Arrives On 13th Anniversary Of Lehman Bankruptcy: Beijing Tells Banks Evergrande Won't Pay Interest

Screen Shot 2021 09 16 at 9.47.14 AMChina's most insolvent property developer, Evergrande, announced a default - which everyone knows was coming - on the 13th anniversary of Lehman's bankruptcy filing on Sept 15, 2008. Chinese authorities are already laying the groundwork for a debt restructuring of the $300 billion company, assembling accounting and legal experts to examine the finances of the group. The company’s complex web of obligations to banks, bondholders, suppliers, and homeowners has become one of the biggest sources of financial risk in the world’s second-largest economy.

Evergrande is essentially a Ponzi, collecting cash from the pre-sale of an ever-growing number of apartments, plus hundreds of thousands of individual investors, and using the cash to fund further sales by accelerating construction in progress and funding down-payments. Like any Ponzi, this works as long as it’s accelerating. But inevitable for every Ponzi is the same endgame. When the market slows, those incoming streams of cash start to fall behind the growing arc of cash demands. Evergrande now has about 800 unfinished projects, and there are about 1.2 million people waiting to move in, according to press reports. 

"All over China, sales clerks and factory workers are sitting on empty Evergrande apartments and dreaming of selling them at a big mark-up to fund their children’s study abroad or their own retirement."

The purchase of residential property in China long ago became a purely financial investment. In the late 1990s, private real estate became a reality, as state-owned companies offloaded their residential assets to their employees. Urbanization was increasing, and a substantial number of urban nouveau-riche property traders emerged in the young, buoyant market. 

But by the time of the global financial crisis, the oversupply was evident, and there was little if any real market support for the annual claims of ever-ascending value. So for well over a decade, Evergrande apartments have been viewed as a repository of value, a sort of savings bond made of steel and cement. Apartments in China are the investment vehicle of choice for people aspiring to the middle class who—with good reason—do not trust the banks...that is until now! Click here for more

Important Fundamentals:

  • Commodity Bull Market Breaking Out Still In Early Stages Of Secular Bull Market.small lock sept
  • Higher Energy prices we called months ago. See sections for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Uranium, Peak Oil, Solar & Wind. Don’t be misled by media claiming disruptions from Covid that impact supplies and labor are causing inflation.small lock sept
  • Soaring shipping costs by the SIX NIECES.small lock sept
 small lock sept small lock sept
Screen Shot 2021 09 15 at 10.33.55 AM Screen Shot 2021 09 15 at 10.34.09 AM
Please thank all your Green Brainless Friends for this!  Please thank all your Green Brainless Friends for this!

Important Technicals:

  • Despite Near Record Pessimism, Junior Miners Preparing To Blastoff (see pic below)
small lock sept  
Junior Miners Preparing To Blastoff  
small lock sept small lock sept
 C-rise has been initiated. Note that $22 - $23 is a STRONG support level.

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Wednesday/Thursday, September 15-16, 2021, Governments always wreck everything they touch!

Updated Sections: COVID-19 a complot? Vaccinations SAFE?, Dollar Fundamentals,
Royalty Co's (updated yields), Gold & Silver Majors (updated yields),

expensive electricityAs we repeatedly explained in past updates, Green Governments have been and are WRECKING the Energy system. On top, they thankfully use ENERGY to tax even more money out of the people.  Politicians who have no touch with reality and are bribed by pressure groups, love to spend money (and cash kickbacks) on unreliable and uneconomic forms of energy. Wind and, Solar are the main ones. Coal and even Natural Gas have incorrectly been painted as bad for humanity and Nuclear Power stations as extremely dangerous for planet Earth. Every 'thinking individual' knows that reality has completely been distorted.  The first consequences start to become visible as energy prices soar and the odds of power fallouts (like we already have in several African countries, in Venezuela, in Argentina,...) increase by the day.  More details are in our ENERGY sections of the site.

"ENERGY will become very EXPENSIVE, if available at all!"

Governments always wreck everything they touch! Politicians made the Great Depression worse than it already was. German authorities made the Weimar Depression worse than it was. Maduro is making the Venezuelan hyperinflation crisis worse than it already was. Each day, Biden, the IMF, the BIS, the NON-elected EU leaders are making the recession worse.  It really is a pity they didn't keep it to the "oldest profession" in the world. At least you get something in return for your money.

Venezuela or this is NEVER gonna happen to us! We are one of the richest countries in the world (that was 50 years ago). Every single wise nose who did not do whatever a man had to do years ago, is nog starving.  Last year, in Panama, I talked to a woman who was in tears. She lost everything in Venezuela because she decided not to leave in time because of her daughter's social life. After 2 months in Panama, she had no choice but to go back to Venezuela...or lose her house and her last asset. 


Gold is keeping Venezuela afloat – Bloomberg investigates how an unexpected diplomatic friendship between Venezuela and Turkey grew into a financial lifeline for Maduro - allowing him to sell off the country’s gold reserves and keep his regime in power.

Excellent video..but you have to disregard the (incorrect) comments by Mike given on Deflation. 

"Whether you are a medium size saver or a millionaire...if you don't invest your savings properly, you will end poor as a churchmouse..."

The FED and Authorities turned a severe recession into a Big Depression which lasted 15 years. Today, the ASSHOLES (politicians) do exactly the same!! Every single soul living on this planet who doesn't try to understand what is going on right now and doesn't try to stop it doesn't deserve to live another day. The leaders of this suicidal transition (authorities, central bankers, politicians) should end up in hell and burn forever. The Devil will be what will happen to those who refuse to prepare for what is coming. It will be the poverty they will be forced to live in.


The BIS and IMF will try to use the SDR as a parachute once the US-Dollar fails, but the parachute will fail for obvious reasons. A hundred percent we’re in crisis. There’s not one doubt about it. What they tell you, their actions tell me, we are, they are trying to battle this huge crisis. The wheels are falling off the bus. What they have done, all of their experiments (QE, negative interest rates, manipulations, COVID,....) are not working. But what I also see here, especially when they’re talking about the long-term global need for reserve assets, is I see the positioning of the SDR as the world reserve currency. I mean, honestly, it always made sense to me because since it’s a basket of currencies, there are no limitations to how many currencies they can put in that basket.

"Gold (Silver) is the ultimate Global Currency, ultimate Global Money!"

Nine out of ten, the crash, the catharsis will come like a thief in the night and will take everybody who didn't think it was necessary to prepare.

SPX bubble 2021 09 07 percentage change
One really has to be OUT of his/her mind to still be invested in Stocks! Those who in 1929 were invested in stocks, had to wait 63 years before they had recovered their loss.

Important Fundamentals:

  •  What you may have heard about Bitcoin being completely anonymous -- it’s not true.small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • small lock sept

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Monday/Tuesday, September 13-14, 2021, Each economic crisis ends with a war!

Updated Sections: World Stock Market Indexes, Index In Real Money/Gold, Long Term Charts 

Biden tyrannyToday is not about return on capital but the return of capital. Investing properly is NOT playing Roulette.  Investing properly is NOT buying and selling positions every day, week, or month. Investing properly is not following the narrative. Investing and safeguarding your savings is a MEDIUM to LONG TERM REASONING PROCESS. Therefore the Goldonomic site doesn't change trends every day, week, or month.  Once we have - through a reasoning process - determined the CORRECT PATH, each week, our investment pattern is checked with the reality and sometimes adjustments are made.

Important changes to the strategy come from time to time and are published in the section "Investment Pyramid" Other sections (example: Buy Gold) clarify other very important aspects. As important as the instruments used to preserve your savings are the coordinates on planet Earth where the bulk of your savings is being kept. Germans who (before and during WW2) kept their savings in Germany lost it all. This included Real Estate: either the value crashed or the property was bombed.

Our DAILY RESEARCH is a clarification and confirmation of our strategy.  We therefore strongly advise checking the updates each day or at least once a week. Be advised that SUBSCRIBERS are allowed to send us emails with specific questions and remarks.

Geopolitics is an inherent part of the Global System.  Over time, an economic-financial crisis becomes a WAR: civil war, revolution, World War...depending. Therefore, Political decisions are part of the total picture and should not be overseen. The fact that the U.S.A. withdraw from Afghanistan is an important indicator (no mainstream media will see it that way).  Although we don't completely understand the catch of this operation, the decision of Biden to forcibly vaccinate 80 million Americans, is another important indicator with a catch.

As usual, it all builds up slowly until it accelerates and we have a catharsis...and the exponential hits the world.


Our money system is designed to expand exponentially. Perpetual expansion is a requirement of modern banking. Without it, the system collapses. Because of the exponential (compounded interest), at a certain time, the system will fail. This unavoidable. Today, the Central Banks are doing the impossible to postpone the inevitable and this is the reason why interest rates are near zero and even negative.


"In only 50 minutes a modest drop of water has completely managed to fill the stadium."

How much time is left? When will the system fail? This video leaves no doubt. The moment the HERD will see it coming will realize that they have been chasing and holding worthless fiat money (and asset bubbles) it will be too late. Only those who are prepared will be safe.

After how many minutes would the stadium still be 93% empty and how much time would there be before it is completely full? The answer is 45 minutes. You only have 5 minutes before the stadium is completely full..only in 4 minutes because of the exponential. Today, time is short and we may well live the 4-5 minutes tomorrow.


The above video is an excellent example to better understand what is happening and how fast it will go once past a certain point in the not-so-far future. A stadium is being filled with drops of water. Each minute the size of the drop doubles. How long does it take before the stadium is half full and once half full, how long does it take before it is completely full?

Screen Shot 2021 09 09 at 8.32.51 AM


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Thursday/Friday, September 9-10, 2021, nobody understands the danger of Peak Compounding.

Updated Sections: Rupee Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Euro and €-Gold, Candollar & Gold,
British Pound & Gold, Swedish Krona & Gold, Aussie & Gold, Yen & Gold, SA Rand & Gold

covid 19 orwellToday is totally 1984 – Orwell. We are seeing severe limitations on free movement: lockdowns, quarantines, restrictions or bans on travel both domestically and internationally, ban on shopping, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, stadiums, offices, and schools closed. And we are not allowed to see friends, parents, or even go to work. The list of restrictions is endless (social distancing, masks, testing,...) and they seem to be deliberately and regularly turned on and off in order to control confuse the people. It is not clear yet, which role COVID is playing today but I am sure it is part of the puzzle and the role will become visible as we move deeper into the Hyperinflationary depression.

"The truth must be repeated over and over, because the LIE is preached again and again, not by individuals, but by the masses. In newspapers and encyclopedias, in schools and universities, the LIE is present everywhere and is liked and embraced by the Herd that is by definitions on its side." J. W. von Goethe

Russian left Afghanistan in February 1989...and the USSR collapsed 8 months later in October 1989. As of Nov. 1, the exchange rate for the ruble plunged from $1.62 to 16 cents (-90%) for foreigners visiting the Soviet Union and for Soviet citizens changing money to travel abroad. With strict limits on the amount of money that Soviet travelers could exchange, the price for one dollar on the black market rose to an average of 10 rubles - and as high as 20 rubles in some cities.

Screen Shot 2021 09 08 at 12.55.58 PM

The final phase of Empires normally ends with the same signals whether it was 2000 years ago in Rome or today in the US. One of the signs is losing wars. The US being defeated and hurriedly fleeing from Afghanistan in a few days clearly signifies the end of the US empire in combination with excessive debts, deficits, devaluations, and decadence. (in the last 20 years, the US has spent $8 trillion or 40% of annual GDP on conducting totally unsuccessful wars)

"It is by definition impossible to have real growth based on fake money."

everything bubble 2021 09 07The bubble in stocks is coming to an end and could implode at any time. Whether it expands further due to the massive expansion in money supply is irrelevant (ex. Venezuela). Neither a company nor a country can show real growth based on fake money. When the bubble bursts, the world will learn that it consisted mainly of air that will just evaporate.  When it all unfolds, rich people will become poor overnight.  Those who based their fortunes on BUBBLE ASSETS will lose it all. Over 6,000 years of History proofs it.

"Rich people will become poor people in a blink of an eye, overnight."

As the markets implode, so will all the debt and the bubble assets such as stocks, bonds, and property. These asset values were all illusory, based on hope and fake money. Once the markets start breaking down, the initial losses will be huge and fortunes will be lost. Rich people will become poor people in a blink of an eye, overnight.

"The danger however is, that whatever is not lost, will be taken away, legally seized to comfort the poor."

Rich people are, although they are the REAL source of prosperity,  increasingly painted as CRIMINALS. This is the future in the EUSSR: Professors University Ghent came up with alternative pension and taxation proposals: we have to set a limit to extreme wealth' or we must just take the 'excess wealth' away from the Rich to pay for the pensions.

Pension funds are bankrupt and the destruction is accelerated by negative and low-interest rates. It therefore simply becomes impossible to fund the pensions of the baby boomers (some pension funds are now in debt). Therefore, Authorities will resume to LEGAL THEFT. As usual. Stubborn people who keep their gold in the EUSSR will be on the hook for it!

"The world has still not understood how undervalued gold & Silver are in relation to the massive expansion of the money supply. Today, gold is as cheap as it was in 1971 when gold was $35 or in 2000 when gold was $288."

digital bolivarEl Salvador's bitcoin move puts the worst crypto impulses on display.  Bitcoin lost 20% after announcing that the country would embrace it. This is "the start of a new world" by countries that are in the worst financial and economic shape.  This coming October, Venezuela will also start using cryptocurrency.  A lot easier and cheaper to take away some ZERO's on cryptocurrency than being forced to print expensive paper money.  Crypto will usher in "a new worthless monetary system" as it will signal THE END of worthless currencies and a cycle that began in 1971.

It is mind-blowing that Nobel price laureates like Joseph Stieglitz still don't know the definition of inflation. Or do they just pretend to? They incorrectly confirm the IMF, BIS, and EUSSR are on the right track by printing exponential amounts of currency. This Stieglitz is no better than most teachers and professors economy who are learning gigantic lies to their pupils.

Austrian Economics is the ONLY correct school of economics. Keynes Economics is 100% BS (and made by politicians - Keynes was a petty government official). Watch the video...very revealing and interesting. Austrian Economics is just a matter of simple logic. It is so simple and so logical, most people can't understand it!


small lock sept

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Tuesday/Wednesday, September 7-8, 2021, All problems come from Government Capitalism.

Updated Sections: Treasuries in the EU, Corporate Bonds, Gold-$, Silver,
Euro and €-Gold, Swiss Franc & Gold, Rupee Gold

All problems come from Government Capitalism.  There are two kinds of capitalism: FREE market capitalism and Government capitalism, also called Socialism or Communism. Monopolies and Oligopolies only exist thanks to Government(s). The COVID-debacle exists because of the lobbying of the SEVEN BROTHERS (Pharma & FAANG & Silicon Valley). They are pushing Governments and Mainstream Media (which are fully controlled by Governments)  to tackle the situation in a certain way.  Follow the money: The Seven Brothers are the main beneficiaries of what is happening right under our eyes. They have found a way to revitalize the FLU and to sell billions worth of Vaccines, Smart Phones, Laptops,...


"A society living for Money and Power always fails and disappears."

The fact that people cannot see the tyranny that is occurring right in front of their eyes and looking at those citizens that are protesting against mask and vaccines is disgusting and hypocritical. This has nothing to do with oneself being selfish! This has to do with knowing the facts and what is truly happening. It’s amazing how MSM is capable of making millions of people believe in myths.

Letting petty-government elected officials determine what you and your family will be allowed or not allowed to do with your constitutional rights of you think, decide, your body’s health, what you can and cannot do it where you can go!!!! Wake up!!!! Research and fact-check yourself! It is absolutely disgusting what our governments are doing. Stop thinking that the people that are protesting and trying to protect themselves and their families are part of some idiotic conspiracy! Have you ever thought you are being fooled by those who are the ones trying to make you think there is a conspiracy and you are part of it!

I completely agree with Peter Schiff. Contrary to most other economists, Peter does understand what is happening. [video only for subscribers] For obvious reasons (anybody who is not Herd knows the reasons], the HERD continues to believe and often loves the Politicians and their Propaganda-Mainstream-Media. As History learns, the day THE HERD also understands what is happening, it is too late. This time won't be different. A HERD is A HERD!

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On International Real Estate:

case shiller 2021 08 31

  • When hyperinflation started in Zimbabwe, prices of Real Estate continued to balloon. To the locals, it gave a false impression because prices only continued to go up when expressed in Zim-Dollars. The reality was that, when expressed in US-Dollars and/or in Euros, the prices crashed.
  • Since 1995 the price of South-African Real Estate has continued to go up. However, because the Rand lost 80% in value versus the Euro/Dollar, all Real Estate investors in fact lost on their investment.
  • In Venezuela, the price of Real Estate continues to rise. Only, expressed in US-Dollars and/or euros prices have been crashing. Expressed in Real Money or Gold, the crash is even more severe.
  • In Belgium and the Netherlands, over the past years, the price of Real Estate has been rising. However, expressed in Real Money of Gold, the prices have been crashing and still are.

  • The same applies to the United States. In some states, the Real Estate prices have been rising and are peaking just like they were in 2005-2006. Important however is that the situation is different for the international investor. Even if the value of American real estate goes up by 25%, the plus-value is destroyed by a crashing US-Dollar. Expressed in Real Money or Gold, the crash will be even more severe. Also, note that the MASSIVE EMIGRATION out of left-democrat states like California will severely impact the Real Estate prices in this state.
  • Todays' average cost of Real Estate is way too high: ranging between 10 and 20 years of yearly income versus only TWO years of yearly income during the 1960s.

Because the U.S.A. is deeply indebted, we also expect to see a crash of American Real Estate (bubble) expressed in US-Dollars at the time or right before the US-Dollar starts crashing.  The same reasoning applies to Equities (stocks, bonds).  The main driver will be (hyper)inflation and the recession getting worse at a time where US-Real Estate is extremely expensive. Americans simply won't be able to pay their rent or mortgage [note: the same reasoning applies to the Real Estate market in Panama].

Important: Supply and Demand have only a MINOR impact on the general price level of Real Estate.  During the Great Depression, many dwellings were inhabited because the Herd simply could not afford to buy or rent a shelter. Good examples are San Francisco & Los Angeles where more and more people cannot afford shelter. The situation got so bad that landlords often destroyed buildings because they could no longer afford to pay the Real Estate taxes.

Important Fundamentals:

  • The IMF Signals small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • Break Away gaps are normally very bullish indicators. small lock sept

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Friday, September 3, 2021 - Biden even pays Americans to stay at home instead of working!

Updated Sections: Copper & Platinum, Non-Ferrous & shares, Long Term Commodity Charts, 
Commodities expressed in Gold, Inflation Index, Bonds general & USA, US Dollar

Note: Monday is Labor day...enjoy the labor day weekend!

Today, corruption is all over the World! And it is getting worse each day.  Also, the SMART-PHONE-SLAVERY is all over the place...this story will have a bad ending.

Important Fundamentals:

  • See below.
small lock sept small lock sept
So as Real Interest Rates go, so goes Gold. (real interest rates = nominal rates - inflation rate) Fewer people willing to work, more demand, and higher wages!
small lock sept Gallenius vs Biden
 Those who think shares will save them are in for a very nasty surprise! Those like Martin Amstrong who pretend Gold won't save us, are retards who don't know what they are talking about and are in denial of 6,000 years of history proving the opposite.

Important Technicals:

  • Several shares are doing better than the Miners. See below for shares that can be bought at present levels.
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  small lock sept 
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Better and safer than the Florida Lottery! CAUTION!

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Wednesday/Thursday, Sept. 1-2, 2021 - They will, for sure, blame the COVID-19 virus for it!

Updated Sections: Oil Shares, Natural Gas shares, Uranium Shares, Bank & Fin.
Solar & Rare Elements, Agriculturals,

gold bull marketSo far COVID (and more specifically COVID bailouts) saved the global financial markets. This has been our point of view almost since the very beginning of this HOAX. Whatever one’s view of the COVID pandemic or its toll on human health and global GDP, one can no longer deny that a virus whose survivability percentage is greater than 99% has been the perfect setting (ruse?) to justify, yet another tsunami of Wall Street bailouts under the guise of a global health crisis. While millions wonder when they can travel, work, or save money again, the markets got another bail-out at the expense of the real economy.

Politicians continue exploiting the COVID narrative to justify an unprecedented era of centralized control over public free markets and individual free choice with a carte blanche history has never seen before.

As soon as interest rates climb (we have $280Trillion of global debt), the artificial “recovery” enjoyed since 2009 comes to an immediate full stop. Central bankers and politicians, know that QE (creating money out of thin air) is all that keeps the current risk asset bubble (from stocks to real estate) alive. The Herd still refuses to see and accept what is coming. No doubt they will keep the QE going and send inflation to the moon...unless some black swan intervenes and sends the global markets crashing.

At some point even unlimited QE becomes unsustainable and the entire house of cards will collapse under its own weight. When that moment occurs, the very policymakers who caused this inevitable catastrophe will have the convenient excuse to blame the financial rubble on COVID rather than themselves.

In the not-so-distant future, the world is going to have another banking crisis. During this next financial crisis, the banks are going to take depositors’ money in what is called a “bail-in. You become an unsecured creditor of the bank. At that time, they may not take all of your currency, but they would probably take part of it. . .In Argentina during one of their crisis episodes, all the money in their banks was still yours, but you were limited to what you could take out. You could only take out 300 pesos a week. If your mortgage was 4,000 pesos a month and you can only get 300 pesos a week, you would default on your mortgage. Even worse, they used all the foreign currencies held in your bank accounts to settle the foreign debt.

That is why today they are pushing people NOT to hold banknotes and to settle as much as possible using digital currency (Covid is also used for this). That is why, in the near future, banks and central banks will embrace cryptocurrencies. Even when they know that these will at some time in the future become totally worthless. Note the additional advantage, that when we have the expected hyperinflation, they won't have to print new banknotes...but simply can adjust the digital system.

"The Financial House of Cards will collapse once Confidence gets chipped away."

Confidence gets chipped away a little bit at a time like what you are seeing in Afghanistan, and then, all at once. Confidence will disappear anyhow. Like Hemmingway’s explanation of how he went bankrupt.  He was asked, ‘How did you go broke?’  He said, ‘At first slowly, and then, all at once.’    That is eventually what is going to happen.  You’ve got to be using this time to prepare for that. . . . Econ 101 teaches you that if you are increasing supply (i.e. of dollars) and decreasing the demand (Covid), the value falls and the currency (dollar) collapses.  Inflation spins out of control.  Then, you have to do all these other things to try to keep interest rates from going up.  All the plates start to collapse that Fed Head Powell is trying to spin.”

All this dollar (euro) printing and interest rate suppression is a good thing for precious metals and a very bad thing for the U.S. dollar. We know only a max. of 0.50% of the investors understand this (as usual, the Herd doesn't) and hold physical gold.  The Herd pictures us a Retards. 

We are expecting gold and silver to close much higher by the end of the year.  There are some things you can count on, Covid is not going away while Confidence in the U.S. monetary system continues to get chipped away.  The taper is simply impossible.  The Fed not monetizing the debt is simply impossible, they have to. . . .therefore, prices of gold and silver are going to soar.”

Palantir is reading Goldonomic and is doing just what we advise to our friends: no DEBT, no Cash, and PHYSICAL Gold. [VIDEO ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS]

small lock sept

The Real Estate buy climax is coming to an end at a level that is lower than the 2006 top!  The Evictions and the COVID-depression are about to take their toll. [VIDEOS ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS]

small lock sept small lock sept

A distinct top we also have in the EUSSR where the number of square meters has been falling over the past decades. Especially so when expressed in Real Money or Gold.  In order to save money and to make the property look cheaper, at first the living room became a living kitchen (like it was before the industrial revolution). Next, the houses and Apartments were downsized to an average of 60 square meters (600 sq. ft) to 90 square meters (900 sq. ft). Anything just over 100 square meters (1,000 ft) is considered to be a LARGE DWELLING. Condos and Rental Apartments look like what was build in the USSR during Communism.

home sales 2021 08 26

Important Fundamentals:

  • The conditions for a short squeeze small lock sept

Important Technicals:

  • See the candle chart below.
small lock sept  Mind the Bearish Head and Shoulders formation of the XOI-index in the Oil section.

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